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Wooden Mosaic


Wood Mosaic,Natural Wood Tile,Wood Art Mosaic

Wood Mosaic tiles from TOPLONG are perfect when your space needs some texture, Ancient and visual interest. Use these wooden mosaics to play up the rustic feel of your ski chalet or mountain hideaway. The unique composition of these tiles makes them durable and resistant to moisture. The tiles are with a real hardwood core and beautiful wood overlay that comes in a variety of colors to match any décor. Use these tiles as wall covering, or furniture covering in living rooms, dining rooms, even bathrooms. The ideas are limitless!

Even surface or Smooth Wood mosaic tiles from Global Trends are perfect for creating gorgeous wood tabletops and countertops. Toplong has a color and style to match any décor. Wood Tiles are suitable for indoor use, and can decorate walls, tables, columns, or floors. A moisture resistant substrate allows these tiles to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, spas, or salons.

Small mosaic wood pieces are hand placed on each tile, giving each a dramatic, 3D appearance. Each tile is unique, with interesting color and height variation. The result is a wall (or column, or window frame) that is not uniform, but definitely complementary.

Pls download our wood moaic from Here.

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